Current Events AssignmentBADM 214: Principles of MarketingIt is very important for people to know and understand the events that are happening across the globe. This assignment is designed to have you read one article from a newspaper, magazine, or web site and to analyze those articles.  Forbes.com and Mashable.com are good websites, but you can also search the web for news regarding a marketing topic from our book.  Articles should pertain to events happening in our world today, such as something you see in the news. Do not pick an educational article that gives advice, as this is not a current event.  If you would like to double check that your article is appropriate, you may email a link to the article (this is not required) no later than 48 hours before the due date. Make sure you include which chapter and topic apply to the article.This assignment should be typed, but you may use the format on this page.  Make sure you use the headings (Topic, Title, Article Source….), not just numbers.  Paragraph form is not necessary.  This assignment is worth 100 points.  Please email me with any questions.You are to include the following criteria in your assignment (notice criteria continue on second page): Topic: 10 points What is the topic of your article?  What chapter AND subject content in our book does it relate to?  If the topic does not correlate with the chapter and subject you state, you will receive zero points. Title:  5 points What is the title of your article?  Use exact wording.  Article Source:  10 points Where did you find the article?  Be specific. Insert link to article. What date was the article published?  Summary:  25 points Briefly, in your own words, summarize the content of the article. Five sentence minimum  Reaction:  20 points Take a position on the issue contained in the article. i. How do you feel about the event? ii. How does this event affect you? If the event does not affect you, choose another article. iii. Four sentence minimum  World Impact:  15 points How does this event impact the world? Three sentence minimum Grammar/Spelling:  15 pointsThis is an example of a current event assignment from a different course, but it is a good guide as far as formatting goes!Current Events Assignment #1 BADM 105: General Business Administration8. Topic: a. The topic of this article is entrepreneurship.b. This topic is discussed in Chapter 6, Starting Your Own Business: The Entrepreneurship 9. Titlea. “Fiji Water’s David Gilmour Takes Aim At New Start Up”10.  Article Source:a. http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenbertoni/2013/02/13/fiji-waters-david-gilmour-takes-aim-at-new-start-up/  (Forbes.com)b. February 13, 201311. Summary:  a. David Gilmour is a serial entrepreneur that has founded over twelve companies.  His Fiji water is the number one imported water in the United States.  In 1969, he opened the first of many South Pacific Hotels. His latest start up is Wakaya Perfection, which is a powdered ginger product.  The product is made on his private island in Fiji.12.  Reaction:  a. Take a position on the issue contained in the article. i. How do you feel about the event?  I am impressed that David Gilmour has been and continues to be successful at 81 years-old.  The article explains that Mr. Gilmour has worked hard to achieve his current success.  He is the perfect example of a serial entrepreneur. ii. How does this event affect you?  Knowing how important entrepreneurship is to our nation’s economy, this article reminds me that although many start-ups fail, many do succeed.  Mr. Gilmour’s story reminds me that hard work and calculated risk-taking can pay off in the long run.  This article makes me think harder about my quest to be a successful entrepreneur in the field of facial products.13.  World Impact:  a. Mr. Gilmour has started businesses in many different countries.  His ventures have impacted the global economy, and his products and services continue to enhance consumers and businesses.  His new ginger powder product is already being sold on Amazon.