A Design of a Compact Public Transportation for the Elderly and Physically Challenged

Having private transportation is a luxury because not all of us can afford a private vehicle, those that cannot afford such kind of luxury are forced to use public transport, but again for those people who have a certain kind of disabilities, thereare problems and concerns that are needed to be addressed whenever they would use public transport. Some specific examples of these concerns are The ingress and egress of the public (i.e. persons with certain disabilities have difficulties on how they step inside and outside a public transport), additionally, the height, seating space, fumes emitted, and suspension system of the public vehicle does not consider the special requirements of the disabled/handicapped people.The problem with the existing transportation for elderly and physically challenged people is that the design features and safety purposes do not adequately respond to the needs and requirements of persons with a certain amount of disability. Since these persons cannot perform like normal people, proper features could be incorporated in the design for a suitable transport vehicle that would improve their ability to mount in and dismount from the vehicle, while ensuring their safety and comfort while traveling. Proper adjustments therefore could be considered and implemented in the design so that these people can physically adapt and manage accordingly despite their disabilities.mobility lifts. This certainly controls and limits the ability of the disabled when they go in and out of the vehicle. Moreover, the seating space and seat contour along with the support handlebar are not properly designed and responsive to their needs. These features are important because these will help direct the disabled and will make them more comfortable and mobile.