A Generalized Perspective

As a result, Peter has been consulting medical and psychological practitioners for improving his present condition (The Australian Psychological Society Limited, 2014). In this regard, the discussion focuses on understanding the deteriorating condition of Peter both from the psychological and behavioral perspective. The details regarding these aspects have been provided in the underlined sections.From a generalized perspective, Peter’s nature can be described as a family oriented person who doubts himself to be a victim of leukemia due to his sudden experience to insomnia and loss of energy. It can be also observed that due to excessive work burden on him, Peter has entered a state of depression, which in turn has adversely affected his relationship with family members. Moreover, one positive aspect about Peter that can be stated that he has not reached the extreme stage of depression that often leads to a suicidal tendency within patients suffering from depression (State Government of Victoria, 2014).Likewise, in medical terms, multiple instances can be observed where depressed patients tend towards committing suicide attempts to overcome tension and guilt feelings. However, Peter is a sound person is considered in that category. Rather he tended towards undergoing proper medical attention for coming out of his depressive stage and re-strengthening his bondage with the family. Another crucial aspect of Peter’s nature is regarding his open-mindedness. Rather than being hesitative, Peter appeared to be open enough in discussing his issues with the medical consultants along with his wife regarding the support sought from his secretary. Considering these factors, Peter can be considered as a strong person in nature having the ability to face challenges in an effective manner (Black Dog Institute, 2014. The Australian Psychological Society Limited, 2014).