Balanced Assessment of the Contribution of Away Days

According to Goldhagen (1996), most Information Technology (IT) employees, together with other groups of employees, have widely been known to lack the social skills needed to relate better with clients. Awaydays need to be used in enhancing teamwork and group development. There should be a well-laid mechanism to ensure that the group gets to know one another better (Merianne, Sheila, Jeffrey 2003). The spirit of teamwork needs to be developed. Employees need to appreciate their differences and plan on the best way through which all employees’ strengths could fully be exploited to the benefit of the organization. It is fundamental that the members of the organization, while on away days, get to know and appreciate the various needs and challenges that they face (Merton, 1957, p. 106 -120).
In addition to team development, problem-solving and addressing the various needs of the employees could be done on these days. The activities of the away-days should never bring real business mood. Instead, this opportunity should be used for addressing the various business challenges. In an IT environment, it is possible for the employees to enhance other skills that could be shared. They could argue on the basis of the dire need for them being trained and being imparted skills that would enhance their performance at the workplace. Furthermore, the opportunity could be used by the management for the collection of insights on how best some activities need to be carried out, suggestions on possibilities of unexploited opportunities and how to deal with the ever-increasing competition in the business market (Ferrell, Nessa 2006, p. 35).