Unit II Project TopicProject name: Enhanced Selection and Recruitment SystemProject manager name: Arie McQuarleyProject’s goal:•      The anticipated benefits of this project include assisting organizations in finding quality candidates. Establishing a proper job description as well as advertisement in areas where an organization can attract candidates with the appropriate skills is the first primary step.•      Also, the project aims at saving training time and capital through proper selection. By candidates undergoing through an organized set of questions as well as skills tests to engage their ability to fulfill the job demands, an organization reduces time and resources to look for talents. •      Equally, the project focuses on reducing potential legal ramifications. Usually, employers get sued for prejudice if a candidate feels discrimination resulted in their lack of job acquisition. Enhanced selection and recruitment system eliminate these misunderstandings.  Cost estimate:The approximate budget for the project is $9500. The base cost estimate will include the following expenditures:•      Resourcing such as staff costs and consultant fees ($3000)•      Accommodation ($1000)•      Consumables like IT supplies and power ($1500)•      Expenses such as subsistence ($1500)•      Capital items such as computer hardware ($2500)Project structure:The project will take a matrix structure since it is the most suitable and appropriate while dealing with changes in priorities and program needs. Matrix structure allows the team members to engage in information sharing more easily across the project’s phases and permits for the specialization that increases the depth of understanding. Besides, it allows for the professional development of the project since the structure allocates all necessary resources equally. Specifically, it helps in making the scarce specialty skills like system developed to be comprehensively utilized in the project’s course. There will be a project manager, followed by a system developer and staff.People/departments involved:The departments that will mainly be involved include the human resource department and the IT department.•      The human resource is essential in the recruitment and selection process and would provide useful insights into the elements, structure, and components of an effective recruitment system. •      The IT department, however, will help in the development of an efficient technical system that incorporates the best recruitment system dashboard. Potential risks/issues to overcome:•      The risks to overcome in the project include integration risk. The staff could underestimate the integration of information and technology processes in the organization due to the existing manual selection processes.•      Another potential risk is resistance to change whereby the departments defend the existing system and actively resists the new projects towards development.Timeline for completion (start date/completion date):The time for completion of the project is estimated to be one month. The project will begin on 1 January 2020 and end on 31 January 2020. Project scope:Project objective:•      The objective of the project is to ensure that job descriptions meet business needs. •      Also, the project ensures candidates are assessed against reliable selection standards.•      The project ensures candidates remain confident the job offer is genuine.•      The project guarantees that all stakeholders follow the recruitment process.Deliverables:The primary deliverable includes the selection and recruitment system.Milestones:The project milestones include completion of the job descriptions phase, recruitment planning phase, strategy development phase, searching and screening phase, and evaluation and control phase. Technical requirements:The project will be coded using HTML. The system will be compatible with android OS, Windows, and Apple OS. Limits and exclusions:The project does not rely on existing company selection and manual recruitment processes.Reviews with customer:Candidate’s satisfaction with the enhanced selection and recruitment system is a significant step towards better review.Project Stakeholders:The primary stakeholders include third-party vendors, the project team, the IT department, the users (HR department), and candidates.Work breakdown structure (WBS): The WBS includes initiation, planning, execution and control, and closeout. Importance of the WBS:•      The WBS is developed to institute a standard understanding of the project’s scope. •      Also, it is a hierarchical depiction of the work that is accomplished towards achieving the project’s deliverables.