Bible New Testament Summaries

Bible New Testament Summaries Matthew The book of Matthew is largely gospel. The key themes are the birth of Jesus Christ, the Sermon on the Mount, the death of Christ, and the resurrection of Christ. Firstly, the book traces the roots of Jesus from David and Abraham. His parents are Joseph and Mary who reside at Bethlehem where Jesus is born. After hearing about the birth of Jesus (Messiah), King Herod orders, the killing of all first-born in pursuit to kill Jesus but luckily his parents fled to Egypt. Jesus is baptized by John at river Jordan where the spirit descended on him in the form of a dove. He fasts in the desert for 40 nights and forty days during which the devil tempts him in vain. He then chooses his 12 disciples and starts his ministry, which he delivers using parables. He engages in controversies at the temple and concerning the Sabbath law that leaves people questioning on whether he is the one they have been waiting for. Jesus is arrested tried by the Jewish authorities, and condemned to death by Pilate. He is crucified where he dies and is buried. On Easter, he resurrects and meets several people. The major personalities in the book include Jesus, Joseph, Mary, John, and King Herod (New Jerusalem Bible, Mathew). ActsThe book is largely narrative whose theme are Jesus commissioning the disciples, coming of the Holy Spirit, Paul’s conversion, Jerusalem conference, and Paul in Rome. After Jesus ascension, the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples at Pentecost. They speak in many languages and people think them drunk. Peter heals a lame man at the temple’s gate but is arrested afterwards for proclaiming salvation in Jesus Christ. Due to continued opposition, Stephen is stoned to death. The gospel regains its glory when Philip bears witness in Samaria to the North and to an Ethiopian heading south. Paul’s encounters with the church and Peter’s vision enhance the beginning of the ministry to the Gentiles. Paul continues with his mission from Antioch to Cyprus and parts of Asia. A conference held at Jerusalem where concluded that Gentile converts to Christianity do not have to undergo circumcision. Upon return to Jerusalem Paul is arrested and imprisoned at Caesarea. The major personalities in this book are Peter and Paul (New Jerusalem Bible, Acts).RomansThe book is largely epistle and its themes include Power of the Gospel, Justification by faith, Future hope, and Shape of Christian life. In his letter to the romans, Paul tries to explain that the gospel is the power of God for salvation of both Gentiles and Jews. He further explains about the sinful nature of human beings and concludes that sin is universal human condition. He encourages people to live in faith as Abraham did. He continues to assure believers that though they encounter sufferings in this world the spirit intercedes for them thus they should not worry. He acknowledges that many Jews did not come to faith in Christ but their unbelief is what has paved way for gospel to the gentiles. Finally he urges Christian to let their bodies be a living sacrifice by being obedient and helping the weak in society. The major personalities in this book include Paul, the Jews, and the Gentiles (New Jerusalem Bible, Romans).Works CitedSusan Jones. (1985). The New Jerusalem Bible. New York: Doubleday.