The blog post is focused and coherently integrates examples with explanations or analysis. The post demonstrates awareness of its own limitations or implications, and it considers multiple perspectives when appropriate. The entry reflects in-depth engagement with the topic.Reply to two of your classmates’ posts with substantive, conversation provoking comments on their submissions250 word count1st classmate:Gabriela:I believe it is important for everyone to learn about the environment and ways we can help improve it. We should all become informed and find different solutions to stop environmental harm. One way that we can learn more about our environment is by visiting national parks. According to NBC news, younger people have stopped visiting national parks and we’ll have to come up with different strategies to attract the new generation to these parks and the idea of bettering the environment. A great strategy for younger people to attend national parks on a regular basis is for the parks to provide and promote activities such as rock climbing, rafting, and wildlife viewing. These activities will help everyone really learn more about the environment.Although some of these activities may be available today they could be made more interesting to the younger generation if the national park held contests. For example, on specific days the national park can promote a competition in rock climbing and whoever reaches the top first can receive a small prize. In order to keep everyone engaged in the importance of our environment an introduction to the national park should be made by park rangers before visitors begin their competition. I believe this way can keep everyone engaged in learning about nature and have fun at the same time. I believe it is very important for younger people to visit our national parks (or parks in general) in order to understand our effect on the environment. Visiting national parks can be a really entertaining way of learning more about our environment and the importance of our actions. Overall, I believe that we should all learn ways to help our environment rather than hurt it, and attending national parks can be one of the best ways to do that because it allows you to connect to the nature around you.Paulson:A working strategy that I think would be effective for attracting younger people to national parks is by reaching out to them through social media. Young individuals are always on the internet, looking for entertainment, so what better way is there to get in contact with them other than through social media. To make this work, you would first advertise a public event that can be held at the national parks through all platforms of social interaction, such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. On that advertisement, you would have to mention that there will be a celebrity present, typically someone who serves as an inspiration to the youth. People look forward to seeing celebrities, so when a young person see another famous person being interactive and informing them on how important it is to attend the national parks on a regular basis, they are more influenced to participate in the parks. Another thing that you would have to do is give the young individuals a tour of the park, provide them with background information, give them a little history about the national parks, as well as letting them be interactive, by learning how to fish, feeding the animals, and all other things the park has to offer. The youth love to be interactive and entertained, as long as they are being connected to the source of entertainment, and if the parks can make the youth feel connected to one another, then there will surely be an increase of younger attendants. I strongly think that it’s important for younger people to visit our national parks in order to make the connection between our actions and environmental consequences, because when they are informed and they visually see how their day to day activities can affect the environment, then they will be more considerate of the national parks and other park systems.