BUS 475 Business and Society

I am challenging you in a very different way this week..In Chapter 11, we look at the role of Technology in Business and Society. We look atCybersecurity, the loss of Privacy; we look at the Use of Robotics; we look at Genetically Engineered Food; we look at Scientific breakthroughs in the Human Genome & Biotechnology…and so much more!These are such important issues that we are all facing as a society, with so many awesome benefits and so many very real risks..I want you to look at these issues and I want YOU to develop questions and answers about these issues.What questions do you have about these technologies (living in the current fast-paced technological environment, you must have questions!)..Please post your question about any of the topics in Chapter 11. Then use your book or the Internet to provide some insight about your question.. Post the URL link of any Internet sources you use so your peers can review as needed.****POSTS MUST INCLUDE MORE THAN A QUESTION IN ORDER TO GET ANY CREDIT AT ALL*** The goal of this week’s Discussion is for you to think about questions you have about the future and do research to gain personal insight about those questions, and share those insights with the class.13/05/20203businessfinance