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Read Chapter 2 found in your Capsim e-Textbook, Marketing: How do we identify, entice and add value for customer?Porter’s Five Forces model is a well-known approach to developing a sustainable competitive advantage. For a company to develop a competitive advantage, however, the four functional areas, as described in Chapter 2, and the employees must effectively work together toward shared goals and manage the complex interactions of ideas, people, and capital. Address the following: Describe your Capsim team’s experience with the interactions of your team’s functional areas. What sustainable competitive advantage were you able to develop, if any? How did your team balance the needs of internal and external stakeholders? What are the marketing realities your team faced and how did you address them?250 words in length,APA format1 Reference in addition to e-TextCapsimCoreBusinessPrimer.pdfPosted: 2 years agoDue: 13/11/2017Budget: $5Answers 1kim woods4.6 (842)4.7 (27k )Chat2 years agoPurchase the answer to view itorder_72903_176786.docTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $5Bids 25Michelle KasyokiGeek SuccessHACKED ACCOUNTGoodwritermbithehkim woodsDr.Amandajim claireYhtomitPhD Prof AliciasmartwriterTeacher hyranksDoctor OwensTop-PerformerJohnguy KagirikatetutorProf. FarellperfectoFrederick JohnstoneEpic Writer PhdMiss Professorphyllis youngkristine tutornadia tutorGuru ProfOther questions 10Accounting homeworkInternational TradeRhino viruses typically cause common colds. In a test of the effectiveness of echinacea, 65 of rhe 76 subjects treared with echinacea developed rhinovirus infections. In a placebo group, 82 of the 106 subjects developed rhinovirus infections. Using a 0.05assignmentProject Deliverable 2: Business Requirementsclassroom meeting transcriptDiscussion 1 Response to Classmateshomework helpI hav a 3-4 page paper due by Sunday PAD 530- Original work only, no plagiarismRated 1 timesCapsim Mini-Case5 to 6 pages on the requirementsRated 1 timesCapsim Mini-CaseCurrently our group is working with Low Tech Sensors and must wright a 5 to 6 pages. Review the requirement for Module 3 options 2 and read the mini case study.Not ratedCapsim Portfolio Project8 to 10 pages13/11/20175businessfinance