Tsipporah Top of FormResults of the Evaluation The results of the evaluation of the School Success Program showed improvement in academics for children who were victims of maltreatment. This program recognized that there is a correlation between poor school performance of children who were maltreated. The School Success Program assists maltreated youth in school with tutoring and mentoring by certified teachers (Mallett, 2012). This program recognized that children who are maltreated have learning difficulties in school. Providing assistance to maltreated children with tutoring and mentoring increased their performance in school. “Program participants have shown one-year improvements that are significant when compared with those of their non maltreated peers: Basic reading and comprehension skills improved 58 percent; math reasoning and comprehension skills improved 50 percent; basic writing skills improved 48 percent; and overall academic skills improved 51 percent” (Mallett, 2012, p.13). These results were noted from both genders and with minorities, especially males.Background Information and the Key Message Background information that I would need to present to show that this program is successful and should be implemented elsewhere, is to show the results of identified maltreated children without intervention and to compare the results to maltreated children with interventions. I would show graphs and data to compare the results and the increased improvement of the interventions is significant. I could provide results of a single research study to show how the intervention improved academic performance which is significant. Also, using results of past research studies. Physical abuse and neglect have been shown to have negative results on school performance. Showing how the tutoring and mentoring program improved academic performance is significant.Strategies to meet your Colleagues’ Interests and Goals Strategies to meet my colleagues’ interests and goals would be to utilize surveys to learn about concerns that my colleagues may have about poor academic performance. If the goal is to reach this population early to produce better results in school performance, the program that is yielding strong results should be implemented. Questions Colleagues Might Have and Possible Reactions Questions colleagues might have about the program is how do we reach the intended population? How do we implement the program and maintaining the fidelity of the program that yields the intended results? What skills and trainings do the tutors and mentors need to possess. I would show that we will screen for poor academic progress and poor attendance to identify some. When we are aware that a children services agency is involved with certain children, they are enrolled automatically in the program. Ensure that tutors and mentors can be interns in education, working on their teaching degrees. I believe if their questions are answered during the presentation, colleagues will be willing to support the program.ReferencesMallett, C. A. (2012). The school success program: Improving maltreated children’s academic and school-related outcomes. Children & Schools, 34(1), 13-26. doi: of Form