Concepts in Physical Science



By combining observations rational arguments and experimentation he supported the theory of vision. He corrected the preconceived notion by stating that the rays of light are emitted from objects rather than coming from the eyes. He rejected the old theories of Ptolemy and Euclid about the theory of vision.He also corrected Aristotle’s theory where he had claimed that objects emit physical particles towards the eyes. During the first millennium, BC Babylonian Astronomy evolved into the most successful examples of scientific astronomy. This method of astronomical study was the first successful attempt at refining the mathematical description of astronomical movements. All further developments in astronomy by the Islamic world and the Indian scientists was made possible due to such research. During the middle of the fifth century BC, other great philosophers like Plato mentioned teaching arithmetic, astronomy, and geometry. The field of chemistry is as ancient as the scientific thought process itself. The earliest record of using metals by humans appears to be gold. It is usually found free or raw in nature and does not include chemical processing to obtain it. It also means that other metals like silver, tin, copper, and iron gave the earliest humans an opportunity to work with metals. Democritus was a Greek philosopher who founded the atomistic school where he worked on finding the reasons why different substances had different properties and why they existed in different states.