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1. Are complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs) a legitimate form of healing? Justify your position (with research).2. Using credible research, discuss studies that either support the thesis that CAMs are legitimate forms of healing or that CAMs take advantage of people who are unwell.I will be looking for at least two insightful and referenced responses to the postings of others in your group, not including one initial post of your answer to the questions. Each discussion post should not exceed ~300 words.Be sure to review Discussion Forum expectations and guidelines in your Syllabus. Ensure to cite journal articles, books, your textbook, and/or reputable websites to substantiate your claims. You must support all claims and assertions that you make; otherwise it is an unsubstantiated and unsearched claim/assumption or it could be plagiarism. If you simply write your opinions and present them as facts, you cannot receive a grade. It’s impossible to give grades to opinions (that is, non-sourced claims) and further, it’s impossible to give marks if you include a reference in your post that is not properly cited at the end of your post (such as you would a reference page).14/05/20203biology