Executive SummaryThis report addresses four major concerns that the New York City Council has for its ageing IT infrastructure located at City Hall. After a recent renovation, the cost of project exceeded the planned cost by more than $50 million. This has impacted on their vision of improving the current IT infrastructure. The mayor of New York has approached our firm and has shared some of their concerns they have and have asked us to address the following concerns.The first concern relates to the New York City council having more than 1000 personal computers (PCs) operating at City Hall throughout the different departments. There is a need to reduce the total amount of PCs across the department to save on energy costs as well as updating the current operating system (OS) to Windows 10. The second concern relates to the current specifications of the PCs in relation to Windows 10 system requirements and whether they can be salvaged and used for the next three years. About half of the current PCs will have to be removed as they will not be able to last for three years. The third concern relates to the security of the OS system, where a recommendation has been requested for the best server operating system. The final concern relates to the best method of securely backing up documentation that can be accessed by all councillors at any time of the day.This report contains all the recommendations for a new operating system, hardware requirements, a recommendation for a server operating system and the best method to securely share documents. The recommendations that are contained within this report are what we believe will address all the concerns that have been put forth.Table of ContentsExecutive Summary. iIntroduction. 1Standard Operating Environment. 2Hardware Requirements. 3Server Operating System Security. 4Cloud-Based Services. 5Conclusion. 6References. 7No table of figures entries found.IntroductionTechnology has changed the very way that we interact with each other and how we conduct business. It is a powerful resource that is ever-changing which requires us to constantly evolve on how we harness the technology (Duncan 2011). The Mayor of New York City (NYC) has approached our firm and has asked for assistance in budgeting for new IT equipment in relation to four major concerns over the current state of the IT infrastructure in City Hall. These concerns are the current energy usage of the 1000 personal computers, whether the current PCs meet minimum specification, security implications and secure documentation backup. This report outlines the most suitable operating system for the councils standard operating environment, new and existing hardware requirements, recommended server operating system for optimal security and the recommended cloud-based services for storage. Standard Operating EnvironmentA standard operating environment (SOE) is the standardisation of the operating system and software application that is used throughout an organisation (Rouse). This determines the standard configuration, applications used, and the updates made. An SOE is used to maintain constant performance and reliability of the system throughout the entire organisation and reduce the complexity for Information Technology (IT) teams (Rouse). Due to a recent renovation at City Hall, the overall expenditure exceeded the expected cost of $100 million totalling to an amount of $150 million.  This has affected the overall amount that is able to be spent on the IT infrastructure upgrade. The replacement for the current operating system will need to be relatively cheap and a long-term solution. Being a long-term solution, this ensures reliability and performance of the system and means that little to no changes have to be done on the existing equipment thus saving on further cost. Another concern raised was the amount of energy that is being used to run all of the PCs and there is a need to reduce the total amount of PCs. GREEN COMPUTING??The recommended replacement for the current Windows 8 operating system is Windows 10. This makes the most sense as it is the easiest and a straightforward procedure. It is essentially performing a regular upgrade but will be a bit more of an involved process to ensure success. Windows is currently the most used platform so it makes sense to use it. Hardware RequirementsWindows 10 has the ability to be installed on all of the PCs but the hardware that is installed in them needs to meet the minimum required specification. The specification requirement is in relation to the computer’s CPU, RAM and Hard Disk Drive. The CPU, also known as the Central Processing Unit, is responsible for the processing and executing of instructions issued by the operating system and programs. It is essentially the brain of the computer (Martindale 2020b). The RAM, also known as the Random-Access Memory, is very fast short-term memory that is used to temporarily store current data that can increase performance and speed up computer processes (Martindale 2020c). The Hard Disk Drive is long-term memory that is used as a secondary storage device. The computer permanently stores and retrieves data from this piece of hardware (Lacoma 2020). Windows 10 has the ability to be installed either as a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system (Microsoft 2020). This means it can accommodate lots of different PC specifications. In simple terms a 64-bit processor is more powerful than a 32-bit processor which means there are more advantages to using a 64-bit operating system (Martindale 2020a). A 32-bit operating system can only be paired with a maximum of 4GB of RAM. This means that it is not recommended to run resource heavy programs (Martindale 2020a). A 64-bit operating is able to use more RAM and is able to guarantee that any future programs created are compatible with the system provided that there is the available resources to manage it (Martindale 2020a). The minimum requirements for a 32-bit operating system are 1 GHz CPU, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of HDD. The minimum requirements for a 64-bit operating system are 1 GHz CPU, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of HDD (Microsoft 2020). In order to ensure continuity throughout City Hall, it is recommended that a 64-bit operating system be installed on all the existing PCs. This presents a problem as not all of the PCs are able to meet the minimum system requirements for this type of operating system.From the PC information provided, 550 desktop PCs (1GHZ CPU, 1GB RAM, 16GB HDD) will not be able to be reused as they don’t meet the minimum specifications. It is recommended to replace these computers to increase the RAM and HDD size. Without sufficient RAM and HDD, the 64-bit OS cannot run. For the 300 Desktop PC’s (1.4GHZ CPU, 2GB RAM, 64GB HDD), meet the minimum requirements to run the OS but will only last for the next 3 years and will definitely need to be replaced after this time. If possible, it is recommended to remove the RAM out of the redundant PCs and installed it into the 300 desktop PCs to increase the RAM Size to aid in getting through the 3-year period. For the 200 Desktop PC’s (2.4GHZ CPU, 8 GB RAM, 128GB HDD), meet the minimum requirements and are able to be re-used. These PCs will surpass the 3-year period and most probably be able to be used for an additional 3-year period.Server Operating System SecurityCloud-Based ServicesConclusionReferences – Min of 10, Made up of 2 or More Academic Journals.Duncan, Arne. 2011. “Harness the Power of Technology.” Learning & Leading with Technology 38 (8): 10.Lacoma, Tyler. 2020. “What Is a Hard Drive?”  https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/what-is-a-hard-drive-your-guide-to-computer-storage/.Martindale, Jon. 2020a. “32-Bit Vs. 64-Bit: Understanding What These Options Really Mean.”  https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/32-bit-vs-64-bit-operating-systems/.Martindale, Jon. 2020b. “What Is a Cpu?”  https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/what-is-a-cpu/.Martindale, Jon. 2020c. “What Is Ram?”  https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/what-is-ram/.Microsoft. 2020. “System Requirements for Installing Windows 10.”  https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/windows/windows-10-specifications.Rouse, Margaret. “Standard Operating Environment (Soe).”  https://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/standard-operating-environment-SOE.