Dropping in Rank and GPA

IMSA classes are rigorous college preparatory courses (AP), with all classes being taught at the honors level. Unfortunately, I had to transfer to my home school on Dec 5, 2012, 5 days before the completion of the first semester of junior year at IMSA due to health reasons. According to IMSA policy, I could not get credit for the rigorous college preparatory courses, since I did not complete the semester. Moreover, Glenbard South could not transfer credits for courses taken at IMSA for 3 months (Aug -Dec). I had to study the Glenbard South syllabus on my own and complete it in 3 weeks’ time, which was overwhelmingly challenging. I completed the first-semester syllabus in AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP English Literature, and Composition in record 3 weeks’ time. Self-study, limited time, and difficulty of curriculum limited my scoring in the subjects to B+. This affected my GPA such that I dropped from rank 3 to rank 31 in a batch of 317 students.
Additionally, Glenbard South did not have the equivalent advanced curriculum course titles to match courses taken at IMSA in sophomore year, which affected my GPA further. Therefore, my class rank and GPA calculated is not the appropriate reflection of the Honors Course Curriculum, I had taken at IMSA. However, I derive satisfaction from the fact that I secured admission in one of the most competitive public high school and studied advanced curriculum that helped me prepare for the college. My SAT scores reflect my great potential since I managed to score 730 in Chemistry, 800 in Mathematics and 700 in English. I, therefore, believe that I have a greater potential than my GPA reflects. Given the chance, I can demonstrate that I am indeed a perfect candidate for Ivy League schools.