ENG 315: PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICTIONSWeek 3 Discussion: Format and the Professional World “Format and the Professional World”Please respond to the following:1. There are several different formats(emails,letters,reports,slides,and more)we will study this quarter.How important is the formatin connecting with an audience? How might the audience make a difference in how you format and present communications?Defend your answer with support from your course materials and/or relevant experience. 2. Consider a time when the way a message was delivered to you made a difference.What were your expectations about the message and how were they influenced or changed by the manner in whichthe information was delivered? After you post yourresponse to the above questions,don’t forget to reply to another student’sresponse as well to help thediscussion move along.You can also respond to other topics your instructor will post in this discussion thread throughout the week.Donna Belt RE: Week 3 Discussion: Format and the Professional World Hello Professor and Scholars,How important is the format in connecting with an audience? It is important in connecting with an audience by using different ways to format. People have different opinions about what emails, letters, and reports should look like. For example, although email is a valuable tool, sometimes there can be challenges for writers. Depending on your purposes, the messages you send to your audience will differ in their formality, tone, and desired outcomes.How might the audience make a difference in how you format and present communications? The audience can make a difference in how you format and present communications because knowing your audience and speaking their language helps you to adjust the way you present them. Sometimes it can be a challenge, depending on whether you are sending it to your team or the entire organization. My problem sometimes can be making sure that I adapt communication to all of my audiences. They may include health insurance providers, members’ communication, staff meetings, and management. As we read in Chapter 4, organize business messages either deductively or inductively depending on your prediction of the audience’s reaction to your main idea. It will improve your chances of preparing your document, requiring the response or action desired.Most recently, while teleworking using a group chat called “Teams,” messages are delivered in many different formats. After verbally explaining to my colleagues through video chat, there is a certain way that I would like to receive the information from our members. I prefer the messages to be formatted and delivered the way that I suggested. Without sending all the information needed, it makes me do extra steps. Bottom of FormBottom of Form