Relating to the concepts of “start with Why”, I thought it was a bid deal that Kenner was able to become so successful as it was just a small toy company. It proved that the start with why book was right. You dont always have to have the best product or the flashiest company to succeed. Kenner was a small company in Cincinatti that ended up making a true name for itself.Some takeaways I took from the film are the strategies used to create this extremely lucrative deal regarding the contracts of toys. Kenner was able to keep all the money made so long as they sent a royalty check of 10K a year. The deal evenutally expired as Kenner thought there would not be any more movies. My second takeaway is related. The deal was terminated as George Lucas stated there would not be anymore movies and Kenner did not supply 10K. It made me wonder if this was strategic plannig on George Lucas’s part and put out that statement so Kenner’s toy line would evenutally fade out and they could stop their contracts. Not sure if this was planned, but if it was, it was a very impressive idea. My last takeaway from the video was their strategy of “label slapping”. The concpet was pretty easy as they would take toys their company had already made and add a sticker or two and call it a new product. Something as easy as chaning the color of the plastic made them profit tremendously.I was never a huge star wars fan as a young adult, however, I can always remember having some kind of star wars toy as a kid. I think this shows how great a job of marketing Kenner did to get parents to buy their toys even if their kids werent really interested in them.