PLEASE FOLLOW POWERPOINT TO WRITE PAPER!!!!!!I need a 8 page paper on the attached powerpoint..Please follow powerpoint to write paper1) Slide 1: Title page (name, titleof the presentation)2) Slide 2:Identifyconcernsandchallengesin apublicpersonnel managementor policy3) Slide 3: Analyze one public or nonprofit organization how they deal with the selectedchallenge4) Slide 4: Describe the best practices or policies of the organization (applicability to otherorganizations, implications)5) Slide 5:Conclusion& ReferencesPages: 8 includingreferencesPaper : APA formatReferences: 3 total…2 are already in the powerpoint please add 1 peer reviewed journal articleFont: Times New Roman, 12pt, Double spaceLink to website: