Flowsheet NPropanol

Essay Chemistry Flow-sheet N-Propanol Preparation of N Propanol Figure Vapourization This process involves the inlet of benzophenone solution (Lide, 2006). We allow the inlet of glacial acetic acid in inlet A, B, C, C. Vaourization of the product takes place at the beaker to produce the propanol. Figure 2: BiomassWe use wet and dry biomass. Dry biomass goes through synthetic gas preparation while wet biomass goes through aerobic reactions (Furniss et al, 1989) and (Maryadele, 2006). This generates propane that goes through reaction with propionic bacteria. Propane thus generated propanol. Figure 3: DistillingWe use 2-Aminopropan-1-ol in the processes labeled V1 to V7 hydrochlorid (Perkin and Kipping, 1922). It is mixed with water and methanol followed by filtering. Distillation releases the filtrate to form propanol.ReferencesFurniss, B. S.. Hannaford, A. J.. Smith, P. W. G.. Tatchell, A. R. (1989), Vogels Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry (5th ed.), Harlow: Longman. Lide, D. R., ed. (2006). CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 87th Edition (87 ed.). TF-CRC. Maryadele J. O, ed. (2006). The Merck Index: An Encyclopedia of Chemicals, Drugs, and Biologicals (14 ed.). Merck.Perkin, W. H.. Kipping, F. S (1922). Organic Chemistry. London: W. amp. R. Chambers.