Genetic CounselingChristian Perspective

It is possible to provide genetic counseling as a Christian. Genetic counseling is a tool to provide more information. Just because a child has thechance, small or great, of having Cystic Fibrosis, Hemophila, or Huntington’s disease, does not mean the only option is termination of a pregnancy. A Christian genetic counselor can help prepare a couple to deal with a child with any of these afflictions, despite no cure being available for these diseases. The statistics of genetic testing must also be taken into account. Although there is no cure for Cystic Fibrosis, Hemophila, or Huntington’s disease, a Christian genetic counselor can help prepare parents cope with these conditions. Preparations for Hemophila can be life saving for the child (Lehrman, 1998). If the child is cut, the parent does not waste time trying to stop the blood. Counseling after the child is born until they reach adulthood can also be helpful. An early diagnosis helps the parent and child cope with their illness. Abortion is murder, but so is euthanasia. Reputable doctors do not counsel people to commit suicide or perform euthanasia on an ill patient. What makes an unborn baby with an illness that is not even certain different? Genetic testing cannot give 100% yes or no answers. Even if the child has one of the above conditions, genetic testing cannot predict symptoms or severity of the disease (Rutter). No Christian counselor can condone abortion. Under the law, they cannot prevent abortions, but it is a Christian genetic counselor’s duty counsel against termination of pregnancy. A Christian genetic counselor cannot deny Biblical teachings. The Bible states thou shalt not kill (Exodus 20:13, King James Version). To counsel a woman to have an abortion would be under any circumstances wrong. The Christian counselor must reinforce man’s way is not God’s. A child with a genetic defect can be healed by God, but a sick child can also be a blessing. Even if the parents go ahead with the abortion, maybe later in life the parents can be convicted by what the counselor witnesses today. Either way God will bless the counselor for relying on His Word.ReferencesLehrman, S. (1998). PRENATAL GENETIC TESTING Do You Really Want to Know Your Babys Future. The DNA Files. Retrieved October 26, 2006, from, M. (2002). Nature, Nurture, and Development: From Evangelism through Science toward Policy and Practice. Child Development, 73, 1-2.