Group Case Study – “Tech Talk: Creating A Social Media Strategy”Structure (Mandatory Item):Conclusion. Present the analysis and the logic that led you to select a particular solution. Also discuss the reasons you rejected the other alternatives.Conclusion Needs to be 2 pagesPlease use clear headings and sub-headings. Your report will mainly be in paragraph form. Your report will mainly be in paragraph form.Do no forget the cover page (show names of all group members) and 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1.5-line spacing.SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS• It is the Group’s responsibility to ensure SafeAssign will display the originality report.SafeAssign must indicate an originality of at least 80% (20% of plagiarism):a. 0% to 20% of plagiarism – loss of 0% of grade;b. 21% to 50% of plagiarism – loss of 40% of grade;c. 51% to 70% of plagiarism – loss of 70% of grade;d. 71% to 80% of plagiarism – loss of 90% of grade;e. 81% to 100% of plagiarism – loss of 100% of grade.