Hamlet the characters and how it leads to the downfall of the Kingdom

Hamlet’s characters are subject to some of the most dishonest acts. They lie and act to be something they aren’t. The plot involves ample amounts of revenge, sexuality and uncertainty and this open deception is what ultimately leads to the kingdom’s downfall. The story of Hamlet is set in Denmark. Claudius had murdered his brother, married the dead brother’s wife, Gertrude, and crowned himself the king. Hamlet is the Gertrude’s son from the former king and he has gone away to study when all of this occurs. When Hamlet comes back he has an encounter with the father’s ghost which leaves him no doubt that his father was in fact murdered by Claudius. The Ghost wants revenge and Hamlet sets about to do just that. Claudius is portrayed as a King who is well qualified for his office… But in private, Claudius is capable of conniving and very criminal thought. The Ghost refers to him as that incestuous, that adulterate beast (1.5.42). Hamlet, being the conscientious prince that he is, must know that Claudius is indeed the murderer and the Ghost is telling the truth. Hamlet asks actors to perform a play which acts out the murder scene by scene, as described by the Ghost. The play makes Claudius very uncomfortable which is proof enough for Hamlet of Claudius’ guilt (Crawford, 1916). In Hamlet’s words: The play’s the thingwherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king. (2.2.606-07) Now comes the part where Hamlet also pretends to be insane due to grief. The King and his henchmen are the only people who believe this facade but they too have their doubts. The King instructs his men to Get from him why he puts on this confusion (II. i. 2). This clearly means that the king suspects that Hamlet is only pretending and is not really a lunatic (Crawford, 1916). Claudius continues his treachery and sends Hamlet off to England under the pretext of cure. Here he plans to get Hamlet killed. Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are two of Hamlets childhood friends who are chosen to do the deed. Hamlet is again betrayed by people he thought should have been most trustworthy. He kills them instead and returns to Denmark aboard a pirate ship. Back at home, he faces another plot against his life (Storytelling Output Report for Hamlet.). Hamlet had killed Polonius, the chamberlain, by accident before being exiled to England. Ophelia is Polonius’ daughter and Hamlets love interest in the story. Upon hearing of her father’s death and Hamlets exile, Ophelia commits suicide. Laertes is Polonius’ son and Ophelia’s brother. He proposes a friendly fencing math to Hamlet which is really an elaborate set up along with the King to kill Hamlet. Hamlet fights and kills Laertes and the King. He dies too after a cut from a poisonous sword and the Kingdom effectively collapses, because the queen has taken a poisonous drink too (Storytelling Output Report for Hamlet.). Betrayal and treachery is abounding in Hamlet. Claudius and Gertrude are the main perpetrators. They disregard religion, morality and social acceptable standards of decency and consummate a marriage that is nothing but incest. This marriage weighs heavy on Hamlet’s heart and ultimately leads to his antic disposition. Claudius is at first portrayed to be quite perceptive and kind. He also loves Gertrude