Handling the Marketing Needs of PDR Hotels and Resorts to Increase Annual Profit Gains

From at least 65% of market share, hotels and resorts now receive only 54% of market share in the global trade. People travel less and choose to save more on vacations and other travel activities. How then could the tourism industry survive this challenge?In the case that follows, an understanding of how PDR Hotel and Resort businesses could be well marketed to the world so as to increase its profit share in the market. With the marketing approaches to be suggested, it is expected that the management and the marketing department of the said business organization would find better ways to make it easier for them to penetrate the worldwide market of travelers.How would the purchase of an old hotel, Mortloch affect the increase of profit in the business? How could this hotel be better marketed to travelers considering its location and its facilities? All these shall be given considerable explanation within the paper that follows.Hotel and resorts are among the many factions of worldwide tourism industries. From the break of the early 1990s, people began to have an interest in traveling around the world for many reasons. The peak seasons for the said travels increase in market influence every year giving better chances to businesses operating within the said industry to gain a higher level of profit.For this particular case, one hotel and resort business shall be considerably observed, the PDR Hotels and Resorts chain of tourism facilities. To know more about the case, the next section shall introduce the organization further.PDR Hotels and Resorts is a world-renowned travel destination for many tourists around the world. Being a luxury hotel usually known to be situated in primary areas of every location where they are situated in, PDR Hotels and Resorts hold a strong sense of market control in terms of attracting travelers to book in their facilities found mainly in the United Kingdom, Dublin, Paris, New York, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, India, and the USA.