Healthcare in America and Other Countries

Accordingly, Obama has inherited an economic crisis with international ramifications, wars in Iraq as well as Afghanistan, and in America, a health care system that is in dire need of reform. The attempts by President Obama to overhaul and reform the health care system of the United States has been controversial from the outset and healthcare remains a heated issue in the United States. Although it is still early on in his term, President Obamas attempts to transform the American health care system have arguably been the most controversial aspects of his presidency (Healthcare for All, 2009). Seeking to understand the important issues with respect to healthcare in the United States, the following will provide a comparative analysis of healthcare by looking at health in the United States as well as healthcare around the world. The issue of healthcare and the president’s desire to transform healthcare in America is important because it will affect all Americans as well as set an important precedent with respect to how health care is delivered. It will also affect the quality of care offered throughout the country. The time has come for the United States to follow the lead of the rest of the Western world and provide healthcare for all of its citizens. This essay now turns to the introduction to the American healthcare system and explores the challenges associated with healthcare provision in America today.The United States is one of the wealthiest countries in the world but one of the few Western countries without universal healthcare (Healthcare for All, 2009). .In the United States, health insurance exists to ensure that there is a financial means through which basic healthcare can be accessed by those who can afford it. Comprehensive individual health insurance plans are privatized and dependent upon an individual’s age, his race or ethnicity, his residency, his employment status, and a variety of other factors.