Higher Learning Watch the movie Higher Learning and respond to the following

1. How does the movie reflect its social context?? How are the social the social conditions depicted in the movie different or similar than those today?2. To what degree does the movie shed light on common or universal social and human problems?3. How are the issues faced by college students in the movie similar to issues you see or encounter in your own college experience?4. Select two social problems demonstrated in the film and describe each of the social problems from a sociological perspective learn during the course (it must be two different perspectives).FormatYour review should have a title page specifying the title of the movie you are reviewing, your name, the names of your instructor and class, and the date you are submitting the review. The title page should be followed by the body of the review, which should be about 750 words long – about three double-spaced pages using a 12-point font. If you cite any sources, the full citations should appear in a separate References section at the end. Use the standard APA citation style (no abstract – citations required but if references used they must be cited)14/05/202015socialscience