You are a healthcare professional working in a hospital that consists of 150 beds and 14 primary care clinics. You have been assigned the task of finding the perfect electronic solution for your healthcare organization in the form of an electronic health record (EHR). The hospital is part of a network of 15 hospitals located in several areas in the state of Texas and is also part of a health information exchange (HIE). To find the best EHR, you must take a few steps into consideration by answering the items below:1. What applications do you feel should be present in an EHR?2. Identify a core group of individuals within the organization who should be actively involved inthe selection of the EHR.3. Using the information you find in Chapters 4, 5, 9 and 12 of Introduction to Information Systemsfor Health Information Technology, develop a checklist of five to seven items that need to beconsidered when choosing an EHR.4. Using the information available to you Chapter 5 of Introduction to Information Systems forHealth Information Technology, explain what testing steps you would take to evaluate a systemprior to allowing it to go into production.5. Explain how you would utilize a request for proposal, request for information, and request forquotation in your search for an electronic solution.6. Discuss how you would ensure the chosen electronic solution supports data exchange. Howdoes the system meet data content, vocabulary and messaging standards?Guidelines for Submission: This assignment will be completed using the worksheet provided. All citations should be completed using APA format.