Should Small Government Conservatives Be Homeschool Advocates?

The government plays a big role in everyone’s life. Their role may not be all positive as there is always the correlation and association with bureaucracy and inefficiency. The US government may be one of the strongest in the world but there will always be resistance. One of the things that conservatives are lobbying for is for the US to have a small government. They want the government to stop engaging themselves in everything. Instead, they want a government which minimizes its own activities, hence, the small government.

One famous small government conservative is Ronald Reagan who was once a president of the United States. President Reagan believed that the government is not the solution to America’s problem because the government is the problem. There was also a report which said that most of the Americans believe that the Federal government controls people’s lives too much. Everyone has differing opinions and it is debatable whether «big government’» or «small government» is best for the state. The terms may be subjective and opinions may depend on where a person is coming from or which angle we are looking at.

Should Small Government Conservatives Be Homeschool Advocates?Let us take for instance, the educational system in the US. There are several ways on how a person can be educated and that includes enrolling in a public school, in a private school, or homeschooling. Yes, homeschooling is a legal form of education and it has been gaining popularity over the years. In fact, approximately 1.5 million children in the US were homeschooled in 2014 and it is very likely that it has increased even more in the last couple of years. Public schools are essentially run by the state government because funding comes from them and they set the overall educational standards of the school. On the other hand, private schools have more freedom in terms of their curriculum and policies. It costs more to send a student to a private school because it is a business funded by private institution. In terms of expenses, homeschooling lies somewhere between public and private schools. The edge of homeschooling is that the control is passed on to the hands of families, specifically the parents of the students.

Since, small government aims to get the government off everyone’s backs and the conservatives believe that a small government can lead to a more efficient and flexible system, then there is no better form of education than homeschooling. That is why, small government conservatives should support homeschooling as an effective way to educate our children.

Homeschooling may be governed by state laws and other legalities but it is the best form of education in the sense that the power to control is diverted from the government to the hands of the parents. If small government conservatives want change, then change should start with the way that we educate our kids. Obviously, it is a win-win situation for both parties involved, the small government and the homeschool community. The basic unit of society is empowered to be in control of the education of their children, thus making the overall learning experience of students more personal. It is tailored fit to their individual styles and needs, hence, making it more effective. On the other end, small government is able to delegate the task involving the primary education of children to their families, giving the government more room and time to work on other important matters. Slowly working their way towards a more efficient and flexible system that they are trying to establish. By empowering the people, more importantly the parents, the government is encouraging everyone to be responsible citizens in charge of something very influential in a child’s life, their education.

Public School versus Home Schooling

As mentioned earlier, public schools are influenced and run by the state government. The system changed dramatically, with the control of the school’s standards shifting from local government control to state control. The public education system also believe in the Common Core. The government, represented by state leaders, developed these standards with the help of licensed teachers and standard experts. Even right at the beginning, the involvement of the government is very visible in trying to help mold our children to have a better future.

Obviously, students who attend public schools are required to follow the standards set by the school. Teachers use the same teaching method for everyone, regardless of the fact that not all students have the same learning styles and abilities. They have to follow and adhere to the Common Core because these standards provide the learning goals in preparing the students for college.

Homeschooling, on the other hand, is more flexible and adaptable in terms of the curriculum. Parents get to decide the curriculum and adapt to the learning style which will work best for their kids. They can use different teaching methods to ensure that their kids will be able to learn everything at their own pace. In a homeschool setup, the state government is replaced by the family. The family gets to control and manage the learning process of the students.

We are not saying that homeschooling is better than public schools in all aspects. After all, a lot of great people are products of public schools. Steve Jobs (Apple) , Michael Dell (Dell), and Irene Rosenfeld (Kraft Foods) are just some of the big names from Fortune 500 companies who are graduates of public high school. However, if we go back to the question of whether small government conservatives should advocate homeschooling, we will still go back to the same answer. In the concept of having a small government, homeschooling is perfect because the parents are the educators. The parents are the main drivers and they have authority over their children. This is what the conservatives should aim for, less control from the government and more responsibilities given to the people.