How the Media Affects the Development of Gender Schemas

The manner in which this has been presented time and again needs to be stressed more on the lines of the programs that are shown across the board and the advertising that is done courtesy the different brands and products in the name of commercialism. These need to be looked at in detail and in this paper, we explore the reasons as to why the same is so very rampant and what echoes the sentiments of these stereotypes to remain within the lounge rooms where our television sets are placed. We might care to say one thing or the other that is in complete opposition to these stereotypes but we do not dare do something about it. The whole thinking mindset thus needs to be changed for the better if we want to abolish the whole concept of the ever remaining stereotypes present within the media. (Fiske Hartley, 2003)Media is a part of social psychology. Hence the branch of human psychology that deals with the behavior of groups and the influence of social factors on the children is indeed the social psychology and as we are getting the hang of things from the advertising and persuasion perspective of it, these both are seen as being quite imperative here. Also, the stereotypical setting of showing girls indoors as opposed to boys in the field and carrying out masculine acts suggest that there is a certain amount of gender ambiguity that is present in the ads of present times. These put more emphasis on the understanding that the advertising professionals of today lack imagination, creative touch, and the much-needed understanding of their responsibility towards the children in particular and the whole society in general. (Frawley, 2008) There has been a lot of hues and cry with regards to the equality rights of the women as compared to the men in the society in current times but less said the better in the real role played by the advertising professionals where they have more often than not failed to capitalize on the fact that they have a perfect platform to get their act together and serve for the betterment of all concerned and more specifically the young ones when one talks about a concise context here.