Human Needs in Organizational Settings

Personal qualities which are encouraged are punctuality, good individual organization, motivation, ability to deal ethically with people and leadership qualities. Any career success incorporates three variables – knowledge of the career desired, the ability to devise a plan and the motivation and devotion to put the plan into action. On the way along the career ladder, one needs to be confident, possess independent thinking and ability to solve problems and make decision-making. We expect the applicants to introduce themselves via competently produced CVs and exhibit their abilities in practical tasks offered by the Selection Board. We are going to assess an individual based on information about one’s abilities and skills, achievements and personality variables. We are also interested in person’s preferences and interests, values and attitudes. To obtain the picture of one’s professional competence we offer tests to see literacy or math level. A specific written or practical exam is also possible. At this pre-selection stage, a selection advisor will determine if an applicant can qualify to continue further selection procedure. At the next stage, we deem important to test applicants’ communication skills and personality. That’s why on the second stage of the assessment procedure prospective applicants are offered to have an interview. Since the company is interested in organizing people into a strong team, peer interviews can be the most suitable tool to use for the creation of this team.