I Have An Organic Chemistry Exam In A Few Days!! I Found An Old Copy Of An Exam And I Am Trying To Work Through

2. Structure. Answer the following questions with respect to Molecule A shown below (10
marks). i) Draw the shorthand (skeletal) structure. H 05F
Molecule A: H3C/ 2 \CH3
l 3
ii) Draw the lone pairs on the fluorine atom.
iii) Assign a hybridization state to all carbon atoms. iv) Calculate the degree of unsaturation using the appropriate formula. v) Give a systematic name. vi) Draw a Newman projection of Molecule A in its staggered conformation looking
down the Carbon 3- carbon 2 bond (Carbon 3 in front). vii) Draw a constitutional (structural) isomer of Molecule A. viii) Is Molecule A chiral? Why or why not? ix) Draw the carbocation derived from loss of fluorine from Molecule A (1 mark).
Add a proton to the fluorine atom of Molecule A and draw the resultant structure (1
mark) Science