Identify strategic success factors for Infosys Tech Consulting &amp

e conform to B2B marketing theories or concepts

As such, the company is focused on empowering its clients to become more competitive and profitable. However, it is worth noting that the company has risen to command great success in the global market within the IT and consulting industry. This paper therefore is focused on evaluating on the strategic factors that have to the great success that the company enjoys. Special attention will be focused on the company’s business model, products/service branding, business relations, business segmentation as well as business internal organization (Mantrala, Sridhar and Xiaodan 2012, P. 169-174).
The practices of maintaining adopted effective technological advancement in the current generation does not warrant success in business operations. On the contrary, the capacity for a trading company to keep in pace with the evolving and new developments in technology and IT services would be considered prerequisite to success in trade within the 21st century. The Infosys Tech Consulting has adopted this policy where it has adopted business perspective of operations as against the perspective of technical solution.
The company prides in capacity to deliver results and the success is built on key priorities, which are technology, customer value, commitment, industrial alliance as well as technical expertise among others. Technology is viewed as an enabler as against the driver in the operations of the company. The company gives priority to understanding the clients’ needs and thus prioritizes in adding value to the client’s businesses. The company adopts robust methodologies as are most suitable in suiting client cultures as well as requirements. Besides, the company runs under a commitment to developing and maintaining long-term relations with the clients. Moreover, the company enjoys long term experience in the industry hence has outstanding technical expertise to design and formulate effective solutions suitable to the needs of their clients.
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