Images of the Human

Hume succeeds in asserting his opinion about our presumed laws of nature – that they are developed based on psychological conditioning. An example that could be stated favoring his opinion would be the question of whether the sun will rise tomorrow. We just believe it will rise tomorrow out of our accustomed beliefs but we are not supported by any logical or empirical reasoning to substantiate it. He believes that such skeptical arguments underlie the laws of nature and hence they must be ignored. But, his constant conjunctions does not prove it the other way either. There is no evidence that our continuous experiences through our sensations have established our thought process. In conclusion, it can be said that all the theories are based on the cause and effect relationship. The cause which turns on the effect is clearly explained through scientific Physics. But such a detailed explanation is not relevant for everyday life and hence an explanation based on Hume’s approach is more significant. So, in this advanced era, Hume’s effect on day to day life or the effect of physics is correctly aimed towards a positive direction of improving the human race – as long as we are able to rightly identify the cause and its effect!