Annotated Bibliography on Diversity Training ForforEmployees[GT1]Paula HawkinsAmerican Public UniversityMGMT 610 Cross C[GT2]ultural -ManagementMay 3, 2020Annotated Bibliography on Diversity Training For EmployeesHussain Alhejji and Thom[GT3]as N. Garavan. (June 2013). A review of diversity training programs in organizations:Context, design, and outcomes. As far as the above article is concerned,Article addressesdiversity training has that emerged as an essential HR practice within an organization and is meant to manage diversity and also contribute to the awareness of diversity, knowledge, and skills as well as the attitude of the employees. Despite that diversity training study has achieved numerous momenta in the current years, the prevailing diversity training for the employees is diverse and has been fragmented and is also lacking a strong theoretical underpinning. The diverse and fragmented studies have revealed essential information [GT4]concerning the management of the differences that exist in people that require being trained in an organization. Certain differences in an organization exist, and one of them is the aspect of religious practices and differences in academic levels and attainments. Despite the above differences, diversity training in an organization leaves behind all these differences and train people despite their source of origin, religious practices, and other essential considerations that such people might be subjected to them.As far as the article is concerned, there is a difference between diversity training and diversity education. Diversity training means [GT5]that different people in an organization are informed about the presence of different people in an organization and those that have different orientations. On the other hand, diversity education means being aware that people in an organization belong to different orientations and sources and fails to inform people about the various ways that they need to be involved or practice so that they may work and relate effectively with each other. Diversity education is also undertaken in the educational institutions or even other learning institutions and mainly focuses on diversity awareness for the learners so that they may be prepared for the working environment and effective functioning in a firm. As a result, diversity training becomes an important aspect to be involved in an organization as opposed to the aspect of diversity education.Kenny Brown. (2016). About diversity training for employees[GT6].Regarding the above article, diversity training may take several forms and might simply be the culture of an organization which may be measured in metrics like tolerance and equality of the employees. Notably, diversity training for the employees mainly takes a structured form such as mentoring programs or seminars and these are the essential ways that diversity training happens in a firm. As far as the article is concerned, programs for diversity training started [GT7]occurring in the 1980s and they remain popular up to date. However, despite the existence of these programs for long, some of the researchers tend to question the effectiveness of such programs. The majority of the employers tend to create an aspect that will maintain a diversified workforce and this necessitates the creation of a culture that will highly value diversity. The other aspect that is concerned with the creation of diversified training is the instance of mentoring. All the individuals in an organi[GT8]zation that have to embrace the aspect of diversity training need to be mentored effectively. The aspect of mentoring involves pairing the newer employees to the old ones and also having an individual that may explain the culture of the company and work etiquette of all the people so that it may be effective. There is also a need for an ongoing program that will emphasize associations between individuals that have been proven and those that will be better than annual seminars and the ones that will be entitled toward periodic lectures of the management aspects within an organization.Big think edge. (20th July 2017). How diversity training programs [GT9]can make offices better places to work in.The article reveals that each year, organizations strive so that they may acquire and also retain the top talents. The above undertaking may highly be achieved through the inclusion of diversity and also training that is geared toward achieving a diversified organization. The retain of such employees needs to be based on the aspect of diversity that claims the inclusion of people from different orientations. However, such recruitment and retaining of employees come with a cost, especially that of acquiring, training, and retaining the people. The above costs also vary depending on the firms, and the estimated cost of losing a highly trained employee also [GT10]varies from one firm to the other. As a result, there arises the need for preventing employee turnover that has become a major priority for the majority of the organizations. The other important thing that has been examined by the article is the manner that diversity training might make an individual’s office a better place for working. In this case, notable ways exist through [GT11]which diversity may make an individual’s office a better place for working. One of the ways is by giving employees a safer place and space for working that will be a voice for the opinions and also building connections. In the majority of organizations, employees feel there is a need for suppressing aspects such as their personalities so that they may create a favorable organization for operating. However, in the presence of a diversified firm, employees have an opportunity for suppressing such aspects. The other manner diversity training will create a favorable office for operating is by establishing an effective relationship between the employees. Whenever an office is diversified, there will be a solid relationship between the employees, and none of them will compromise the other. As far as the situation and the instance are concerned, an essential work will be created through the aspect of developing inclusiveness within an office. In this case, the majority of the employees are not likely to get involved in the aspect of inclusiveness. However, after embracing diversity in the workplace, then the majority of the employees, if not all of them will be involved in the aspect of inclusiveness in an office. Therefore, diversity training is an undertaking that will ensure inclusiveness has been embraced in an office. Alex Lindsey. Eden King, Ashley Membere, and Ho Kwan Cheung. (28th July 2018). Two types of diversity training that really works.Article adAs far as the article is concerned, one of the notable and common ways that organizations try to address the issue of diversity training is through embracing the aspect of formal training. However, the effectiveness of such training programs has yielded mixed reactions as some individuals view diversity as being effective while other individuals view it as being ineffective. The undertaking has led to the existence of backlash within a training program, and there arises a high need for addressing such pessimism so that diversity training gains meaning and usefulness.As far as the article is concerned, one of the training is the aspect of perspective-taking. It is a process of mentally walking in the shoes of another individual. In this case, an individual considers him/herself as being the other person or being in the shoes of the other employee. After putting oneself in the shoes of the other individual, then a person is at a point of thinking like the other individual and may act in ways that may resemble the presence of such a person.The[GT12] other undertaking that is involved in this aspect of diversity training is the instance of setting goals. Diversity training is highly associated with the instance of setting goals as goals are essential for an organization to attain its vision and mission. The aspect of setting goals is also an important way that people may forget the differences between them and focus on the issue of diversity and also its training endeavor. Whenever people [GT13]are focused on the attainment of the goals of a firm, then they will have no time for looking at the prevailing differences between them, and as a result, the above aspect is one of the various ways of training people about diversity.Your finalresearch paper will be based on the topic you used for your research outline. You may use the readings assigned in the class to supplement your research.To complete this task, you will need to go into the APUS Library to find other peer-reviewed, scholarly articles. Prepare an annotated bibliography of articles collected to date on the topic selected. You will format your paper in APA style, and write two or more paragraphs for each article. In addition, please refer to the reference below for more information on annotated bibliographies. 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