Venturing on a new product called iPhone in 2007 made a big success for Apple. The company released iPhone which is a mobile phone that has the capabilities of surfing the internet and can be an iPod at the same time. It is built with a multi-touch screen and can be used with the touch of fingers. Its success mainly relies on the quality and its capability to multitask. The customers are offered a great benefit of using innovative technology at their convenience. Apple established the iPhone brand with great benefits. It is developed in a way that people could easily adapt into and give convenience at the same time. iPhone makes communication more easy and convenient as it allows its users to connect to internet services without hassle. plus, it comes with a music player, which makes an iPod in an iPhone (Apple, 2010). iPhone is one of the best- selling gadgets of Apple and it makes them increase profits bigger. The market strategy of the company includes developing their own software and hardware to make sure that quality products will be manufactured by its own brand. Product- the major features of iPhone are the following. Multi-touch screen, mobile phone, camera, iPod, internet connection, built-in-battery, unique design, synchronization with iTunes, iCal, address book and other necessary applications, and headphones as well. The company makes sure that iPhone can compete with recent mobile products in the market. Since it is a common gadget, developing a product that defines its edge from other brands makes a great deal such as focusing on its functionality. iPhone has a 2-megapixel camera resolution and it transferring of photos is made easier. Also, it could function as an iPod as it is compatible with iTunes. plus it is a widescreen iPod more powerful than the iPod itself. One great feature of the product is its internet connectivity and it allows the users to use the most advanced web browser on a mobile device such as Google and Yahoo! It is Wi-Fi ready which can automatically connect its user to the internet and surf the web conveniently considering its wide screen. Users can even make a phone call while uploading a photo or surfing the web over a Wi-Fi or 3G connections (Apple, 2010). In addition to, what’s distinct with iPhone is its design and style. It has a well-design operating system and stable as well. Its battery can last up to 16 hours of talk time and can be recharged easily. Price- for the price of iPhone, it varies according to the size of its memory available at 4 GB, 8 GB and other. As of now, the price of iPhone 3G with an 8 GB memory is $99 for the qualified customers only and it requires new two-year ATamp.T rate plan which is sold separately. iPhone 3GS, which is a newer model of iPhone that offers a faster and more powerful iPhone has the prices of $199 for 16GB and $299 for a 32GB unit. both are subject to the company’s condition of use (Apple, 2010). New generation iPhones offer more advanced applications such as faster access and launching of its applications. The pricing strategy of iPhone is catered to dominate the market immediately and be able to determine its success. It is a good and effective way through it gives the customers a limited time to adjust to their varying prices. However, Apple must maintain a stable pricing strategy to be able to completely satisfy the market and avoid disappointing loyal customers. Distribution- Apple makes sure that iPhone is placed accordingly with the objective of making available to the customers. iPhone can be purchased directly from Apple online and other accredited retailers such as Amazon. It is also available through Apple stores worldwide and other electronics retailers.