Life after Crime

More programs will be introduced that will ensure that the perception of the offenders concerning life as meaningless is totally changed (Lowenkamp amp. Latessa, 2005). The programs will enable the offenders to regain hopes of their lives and transform them completely. The programs that will be introduced include. I will introduce the Bible study program. The bible study program transforms the lives of the inmates. The program will help the criminals and their communities greatly. (MacKenzie amp. Hickman, 2006) A special time will be created and dedicate specifically for the Bible study. The inmates will meet twice in a day to discuss the scriptures deeply. Volunteers will be appointed to carry out the process. A pastor will be assigned to various prisons to give guidance and counseling to the inmates. The pastor in charge will be spending five days in the week with the inmates offering their pastoral support. The inmates will be allowed to share their problems and weaknesses with the pastor in charge (MacKenzie amp. Hickman, 2006). The relationship of the inmates with the pastor will thus improve and this will enable the pastor to identify their problems and respond appropriately (Lowenkamp amp. Latessa, 2005). Different Bible study groups will be formed and therefore it was mandatory for the inmates to attend. The inmates will share their understanding about the scriptures as they also get to learn more it (Lowenkamp amp. Latessa, 2005).Their perceptions will be changed and as they will get to know and understand the various commandments deeply (Lowenkamp amp. Latessa, 2005). Their knowledge of the commandments makes them avoid committing a crime as it would mean going against the commandments. The inmates will be aware that breaking the commandments had repercussions, therefore, they would not dare break it again (Lowenkamp amp. Latessa, 2005). Alongside the Bible study, discipleship seminars will also be conducted within the prison.