Making Decision to Expand

CompetencyBased on all research and work done prior, create a presentation to convince decision makers of the RMCF of the soundness for expanding into a new market that you have chosen.InstructionsCase StudyReview the case study above and prepare the necessary document as explained below.Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory(RMCF) has hired you as a consultant to help them with a planned expansion into a new market. In this final step, you need to create a PowerPoint presentation that will be presented to the CEO and board of directors for the RMCF. In this presentation, you need to include the major points covered in the previous modules, and use this information to present a cogent, logical argument for making the expansion into the country or region of your choice. Remember, your goal is to convince the CEO and board of directors that this move will work out for RMCF both from a business point of view and also affect their bottom line in a positive way. You can assume they have read your previous reports, but feel free to bring up major points or information from them to help support your presentation.Based on the case study and other research you conduct: Create a PowerPoint presentation that will be seen by the CEO and board of directors of RMCF. Assume that you will be delivering the presentation, and understand that these people have access to your previous reports that you have written on various points of this expansion. Based on the major points presented in your previous report, you need to create a compelling business case for executing the expansion into the market of your choice. Your PowerPoint should contain the following points in it as you make your overall recommendation in the presentation: Factors important in the expansion Market expansion method chosen Role and effect of culture in the expansion How recruiting, marketing, and human resource management will come into play Role of investment in the international business How group dynamics will factor in the expansion Detail the organizational design and how the control function ties into the company’s strategy Ensure your PowerPoint has an introduction and conclusion. The conclusion should provide a strong recommendation and an overall strategic reason for making this expansion into the country or region you are choosing. Be sure to follow normal conventions for creating slides, work on keeping verbiage to a minimum on them, and utilize the speaker notes area as the place where you will write out your reasons and verbiage that you will use in the presentation and for each slide.follows previous assignment:CompetencyExamine the nature of international organization design and how international organizations manage the control function.InstructionsCase StudyRead the above case study and prepare the necessary documents as explained below.Use the following website as a starting point for research on this project:The World FactbookIn addition, you may likely need to do some additional research to help complete this project.Please choose from one of the following countries to expand into: Brazil, India, Japan, Liberia, Thailand or Ukraine.Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory International (RMCF) has hired your consulting firm to outline an organizational plan and design which clearly details the reporting structure from the perspective of the franchisee to corporate within the country/region of your choice. Prepare a report to the Vice President of Human Resources with your organizational plan and design for the entrance of RMCF into the country/region that you have chosen. Read the above case study and any additional research needed to create your analysis. In your analysis, be sure to include the following: Introduction to your findings. Analyze which international organizational design, product, area, functional or customer meets the specific goals and fits into the strategic plan of the company. Identify the various techniques for control within the organization and determine how these techniques tie to the company’s strategy for expansion of their franchises. Based on your analysis, detail the organizational design with how the control function ties into the company’s strategy, and prepare a report to the Vice President of Human Resources of RMCF. Conclusion of your findings.11/05/202025businessfinance