MANAGEMENT DILEMMASStudent’s nameInstitutional affiliatesCourseDatePart I:Management Dilemmas1. The first management dilemma is whether student-athletes should get paid in the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) instead of just giving them free scholarships to higher education. Literature source: 2. The other dilemma is the main reason as to why the coaches of soccer in theInternational Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF)cannot manage their projects. Literature source: Part II: Define Research Questions1. What should be done in order for the association to recognize that the students who play soccer require more than just a scholarship? How should they be made to understand that even good grades can attain a student a scholarship which means that athlete students need more than just a scholarship?2. What steps should be taken in order to help soccer coaches plan better and come up with strategic plans that will help in successful project management and will gear effective planning, scheduling, and allocation of resources needed for their projects?Part III: Further Define Research Questions1. Resource management- assigning the available resources to the project according to the importance and time that the particular thing should take in order for a project to run smoothly and get enough of everything to see it through until it is done.2. The schedule is a plan of carrying out a procedure or process given a list of things that should be done at a particular event with the sequence of how all the things should appear at specific times.3. Athletics is defined as a collection of sporting activities that involves walking, running, throwing and jumping. The most common types are road-running, track, and field and walking races. 4. Soccer which is also known as football is a game played by two different teams which have eleven players in each, a referee and a coach.ReferencesBrown, K., & Williams, A. (2019). Out of Bounds: A Critical Race Theory Perspective on Pay for Play. J. Legal Aspects Sport, 29, 30.Rollnick, S., Fader, J., Breckon, J., & Moyers, T. B. (2019). Coaching Athletes to be Their Best: Motivational Interviewing in Sports. Guilford Press.