Marketing Plan Deliverable 1 Deliverable 1 Instructions Watch GMU Database video tutorials to learn how to use industry and company databases such as Mergent, Staistita, IBISWorld, Mintel and Factiva. Begin by pointing to and click on the video to learn how to conduct an industry analysis. Next, point to to learn how to conduct a company analysis. Populate the cell in pages 2 and 3 of this document with your findings from GMU databases. Strengths and Weakness on page 4 must be based on user reviews.        Page 2: Industry Analysis  Item* Your Brand Here Samsung Key Competitor Here Apple Sales ($).  Use the most recent data available.  $ 5.3 Million  $ 22.5 Million Sales Growth (%).  Calculate using the most recent 5 year data available.   2.2%   4.8% Market Share (%).  Report the latest data.  5.58%  15.2% Industry Sales ($).  Use the most recent data available.  $ 240.5 Million Industry Growth (%).  Calculate using the most recent 5 year data available.   9.13% Consumer and competitor trends in the Industry (new forces in the industry)
Apple watch trends Series 5: ● Always-on display is transcendent. ● Design is as classic and timeless as ever. ● Watch has data for active calories, exercise minutes, stand hours, stand minutes, walk distance, and more Consumer Trends ● Buyer trends are based on easy use watches ● Smartwatch that include certain features (long lasting battery, greater usage, fitness and health functionalities)  * Must be based on GMU database tutorial** Must be based on competitor and buyer trends, e.g., pp. 159 – 167.Pages 3 and 4: Brand and Competitor Analysis Item List Your Brand Here Samsung Galaxy Watch List Key Competitor Here Apple Watch Customer Excellence (see pp.  30 – 35).  Customer excellence focuses on retaining loyal customers and excellent customer service.  Typically measured by ● Samsung devices are directly connected to the tech support and more. ● Samsung trucks around the streets of  New York to help customers need for free. ● By delivering an amazing experience (Focusing and listening  to the customer). ● Approach customers with a personalized, warm welcome ●  Probe politely to understand the customer’s needs ●  Present a solution for the customer to take home today ● Listen for and resolve issues or concerns Operational Excellence (see pp.  30 – 35).  Operational excellence is achieved through efficient operations, excellent supply chain, and human resource management.  Typically measured by % sales of costs or profit margins. ● Extremely profitable, with $40.306 billion in profits from all sectors of the company for 2018. ● Use in-house production to simplify supply chain. ● Uses lean 6 sigma and kaizen (TPS) to run more lean manufacturing. ● Extremely profitable, with $59.531 billion in profits in 2018 . ● Works with several key partners to simplify supply chain. ● Uses lean 6 sigma and kaizen (TPS) to run more lean manufacturing. Product Excellence (see pp.  30 – 35).  Product excellence entails having products with high perceived value and effective branding and positioning.  Typically measured by user scores or third-party ratings such as Consumer Reports or JD Powers. ● Rated Excellent in most categories by Consumer Reports. ● Many styles of watches and swappable bands to fit different uses and tastes of consumers. ● Leading and most known brand for Android phones. ● Works on both Android and Apple phones. ● Rated Excellent in most categories by Consumer Reports. ● Distinguishable style from competitors. ● Customizable bands to individual tastes. ● Known for Macs and iPhones. Locational Excellence (see pp.  30 – 35).  Locational excellence entails having a good physical location and Internet presence.  Typically measured by number of retail outlets, e-comm effectiveness and user apps. ● Samsung trucks around New York are similar to how a food truck operates. ● Locational services around the world (Korea, USA, Singapore, China,Japan,Germany). ● The company has 1,495 retail stores in the U.S. Any recent visitor to Best Buy can attest something is different. ● Apple has opened 506 retail stores across 24 countries, including 272 in the United States and 234 elsewhere. ● The majority of U.S. stores operate within indoor shopping malls and kiosks. Value Proposition: (see pp. 286 – 291 and Ex 9.9).  Value proposition communicates the unique benefits possessed by the product or service. It consists of the attributes of a product or service that are desired by the target market and not available from its competitors. Typically measured by user and third-party reviews. Once Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active users download the latest software update, they will be able to take fuller advantage of what Bixby has to offer, including using Bixby Voice to start exercise routines, find out time differences between places, and easily control their SmartThings ecosystem. With iPhone and Apple Watch, customers can pay with Apple Pay in stores, restaurants, taxis, vending machines and many more places. Every Apple Pay purchase is authenticated with just a glance or a touch with Face ID or Touch ID, or a device’s passcode. Key Strengths.  Summarize the characteristics customers like most about the brand.*           1. Waterproof to 50 meters or 5 ATM (atmospheres). 2. Stainless-steel version looks watch-like. 3. Easy-to-read display in all lighting. 4. Two-day battery with light usage. 5. You can scroll Twitter on a watch 1.The Apple Watch Series 5 adds an always-on display, so it can show the time all the time. 2.A bright display, onboard GPS. 3.waterproof to 50 meters. 4.Integration with Nike+ Run Club. 5.Comfortable strap and comes with two exclusive Nike watch faces. Key Weakness.  Summarize the characteristics customers dislike most about the brand.*           1. Still limited third-party app support. 2. ECG monitoring still does not live. 3. Incremental performance over old models. 4.doesn’t have Corning’s DX+ composite coating. 5.There’s no menstrual tracking. 1.Battery life remains a day and a half at best. 2.No new health features. 3. watch lacks native sleep tracking. 4. Needs an iPhone to set up and work. 5.Doesn’t work with Android phones.  *Must be based on user reviews                         Page 5: References and ResourcesList Industry References and Resources Herefile:///C:/Users/fatem/Downloads/study_id15607_wearable-technology-statista-dossier.pdf  List User Review Resources Here