Math and what it is focused on

I explained to them that by cutting a dot on the mobius band I could return to this point by continuing to go forward in one direction.
I gave the pupils addition items like two plus three and five minus one after I demonstrate to them how to add and deduct numbers. I taught them how to add and deduct it is the basic requirement the pupils must conquer. Since I taught them how use the adding and deducting of basic numbers in mathematics, I know that when be promoted the next levels of grade school., the will apply what I have been painstakingly teaching them every hour of every day. In fact, some day in the future, when they will become young men and women, some will become engineers and others will become accountants. Other pupils of mine will become teachers like me so that they will inculcate in their children pupils the latest trends of math computations that are an offshoot or improvement over my teaching methods.
I gave the pupils ten numbers on adding numbers that range from one to twenty for two days. I then gave the pupils ten numbers on deducting numbers that range from one to twenty. This is because I want them to master addition. Mathematics is best learned by DOING. Repetition of the same function like adding and deducting makes one an expert for as the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. Mastery of adding and deducting not only includes getting a correct answer but also having a correct answer in as less time as possible. At first, I could feel their resistance to even look at math problems but I still pursued my objective to let them know the rudiments of math computations for I know that they will thank me in the end when they are young men and women. In fact, I know that some of them will be computer experts where proficiency in math is a requirement.
I taught them to master or specialize adding and deducting numbers from one to twenty because this is the basic requirement for them to hurdle before then can work on higher and more complex numbers. I have to teach them to specialize in adding and deducting so that they can apply what they learned to real life situations. They will know how to add and deduct numbers such as how much to pay for a chocolate bar or a softdrink or even how much the pupil will ask as increase in allowance because food items in the school canteen have increased. Many of our present day businessmen, engineers and even plain housewives need the rudiments and the simple complexities of the math in order not only to solve daily math problems but also to entertain themselves by pondering over the intricacies of solving math questions. Their math understanding will be needed as they compute for higher math problems like geometry and like what is explained when they use the geoboard. The pupils will learn how to identify the different shapes of figures like the rectangle, square, triangle, octagon, pentagon and others.
I have taught that students based how to add and deduct math numbers based on the mental capacity of the pupil. There are students who love math so that they spend a lot of time solving math problems. These students learn math