Marketing Plan Template  Executive Summary week 2IntroductionSituation OverviewGoalAction OverviewConclusionsSituation Overview  (Week 2)                                                             The big pictureCompany overviewMarket overviewGoal/Objectives  (week 3)Goal focus – AlexisPerformance benchmarks –  BarbaraMarket objectives – BarbaraMarketing Strategy  (week 3)Target marketo Target customers- Berthao Company- Berthao Collaborators Alexiso Competitors – AngelinaValue Propositiono Customer value – Angelinao Collaborator value Anao Company value – AnaTactics (week 4)ProductServiceBrandPrice IncentivesCommunicationImplementation (week 4)Defining the business infrastructureo Physical infrastructureo Organizational infrastructureThe business processo Strategic plan implicationso Resource managemento Product and service managemento Brand managemento Communication managemento Distribution managementSet the schedule for implementationControl (Week 5 )Performance evaluation of the plano Adequate goal progresso Performance gap managementEnvironmental Analysiso Opportunitieso ThreatsExhibits (Week 5)Market data exhibitsValue analysis exhibitsMarketing mix exhibitsOrganizing the exhibitso Labelo Titleo Overviewo Bodyo Noteso SourceAdditional Considerations in a Marketing Plan Week ( Week 6)Brand ManagementCommunication Plans Marketing Plan: FinalizeCommunicatewith your Learning Team to finalize all components of your Marketing Plan. Compile all segments of the Marketing Plan that your team has developed into one Microsoft® Word document and be prepare to turn in it by the end of the week.Also, you will be asked to create a 10- to 15-minute, 9- to 12-slide voice-over presentation for your Marketing Plan. Start working now to create a storyboard and work as a team to make it come together by the end of the week