Million American Jobs

MANAGEMENT Which alternatives to increasing American based jobs and prosperity are better? I.Steer more students into technical schools .There are more jobs that do require technical training. This includes professional cleaners, paralegals, welders, medical technicians and welders. Most students should engage in this trainings because there is a gap and this will generate more workers with skills that employers (Newman, 2011)II. Enhance the payoff of a college degree.Too many students earn degrees in arts, literature and social sciences, while theres a shortage of math, science and engineering grads. According to McKinsey, 2020 will have a shortage of 1.5 million college graduates. Therefore, the parents and educators could do a much better job of guiding kids into fields where the jobs are, which would raise the payback for getting a college degree and encourage more to attend. Colleges could help by offering more three-year programs and other ways to cut costs. (Newman, 2011)III. Help small businesses find foreign customers.Ordinarily, small business can go global by finding foreign markets for theirproducts.However this is usually hard for the small businesses who usually target the local market. With the advancement of technology small business can reach global markets by the use of digital marketing. There are now more business connection networks that help in advertising. Therefore this breakthrough of sales makes many to have trust in the business and thus venture upon it creating employment.IV. The state should welcome more immigrants and investors.Foreigners who want to come to America get an undeserved bad rap. Immigrants create businesses at a higher rate than home-grown Americans and make an important contribution to the economy. To address concerns about low-wage illegals, new policies could allow well-educated foreigners to stay in the country after earning a degree, or offer citizenship in exchange for a commitment to start a business or buy a house. (Newman, 2011)Works CitedNewman, R. (2011). Ways to Create Jobs. Retrieved 2015, from