PAD 3711 Module One Research AssignmentMust be in APA format Research Assignment: Using the school library locate one scholarly article that recognizes and analyzes applications of information technology in the public sector as it applies to the core public safety disciplines (law enforcement, fire services, EMS). (I have selected the article already it is here citation listed)For this article prepare a summary paper as follows:Page One Article Title: List the article publication information using APA style for reference list citations, “e.g. Smith, N (2005).  Information technology in the public sector. Technology and Public Administration Journal, 12(3), 125-136.”Page Two Summary (must be at least 100 words): List the article’s thesis (or hypotheses), methodology and evidence, its logic or argument, and summarizes its conclusions.Place this assignment in the submission box as a Word Doc will be placed in turnitinThis is the article & chose here is the citation ReferencesHenderson, J. C., & Schilling, D. A. (1985). Design and Implementation of Decision Support Systems in the Public Sector.MIS Quarterly,9(2), 157–169.