Institutional Environmental Health 2/26/20                                                                  Texas Institute for Neurological Disorder     Texas Institute for Neurological Disorders began as Texoma Neurology Associates P.A. in 1978 in Denison, Texas when Dr. Easwar Sundaram Sr. moved his family here to start his neurology practice. Dr. Easwar Sundaram Sr.’s neurology practice was the first one established in the Texoma area. Neuroscience was still in its infancy during this time, and Dr. Easwar Sundaram Sr. established the foundation for the largest private practice neurology group in the North Texas area.Condition: Texas Institute for Neurological Disorders is a private institution. Although it has been running in several parts of North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, it is still run privately. Private health services have always been expensive.Criteria: Public health services are comparatively cheaper than the private ones. Hence, they should go public so that the general public can also afford to visit a neurological physician. Cause: They are running privately because neurological physicians are expensive. Unless they go private, they wouldn’t be able to afford them. Getting a physician degree itself is a very expensive and time-consuming field of study and hence it is fair for them. Public from the lower income classes wouldn’t be able to get themselves a private neurological physician. Therefore, getting the government involved will be a good deal for both parties. Effect: If the condition doesn’t change, the rate of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s will stay the same as the general public wouldn’t be able to afford the expensive neurological care. There are numerous senior homes here in the States that have elderly population with Alzheimer. Why is that so when they are the ones who need strong support system? There are several reasons. But one of the strong reasons is that they cannot afford a neurological physician.