Persuasive Pitch Idea Paper

Proposal AssignmentProposal idea: My pitch is to convince my university president to invest in an updated/brand new WIFI system for the entire campus. The existing WIFI system is not efficient, students and professors complain the WIFI not working constantly.Task: Write a proposal paper to persuade the university president to invest in a better WIFI system. Please research WIFI technology, costs, time frame to implement on campus, installment process and other important convincing ideas . Idea is to sell the product to university. Please provide facts and relevant sources (MLA style). There is no page minimum or maximum. I just need covered all aspects my professor requires below please!-Title page-Executive summary: Again, as with the group project, the purpose here is that if the recipient does not initially have the time to read the entire proposal, the executive summary provides the must-knows in a succinct fashion: what’s being proposed, cost, hoped-for outcome.-Table of Contents-List of Illustrations (list of photographs, drawings, tables, or other types of illustrations used to support the content)-Introduction: This is not just an explanation of the proposal. This is where you start selling, trying to convince the recipient that there is a need and/or demand for what you’re proposing. A common tool is to begin with a narrative.* For example, you’re proposing a parking garage for campus, so you begin your introduction thusly:”You’re a student, carrying a full load, and like most of your peers, are also juggling your schoolwork with a job. Managing your time carefully is the key to balancing it all. But it never fails: you arrive on campus an hour before your first class and STILL can’t find parking. You cruise from one lot to the next, an eye out for any car that looks like it’s pulling out. You see other students in their cars, you stop, thinking they’re going to pull out but then you realize that they’re camped out in their car, having gotten to the lot hours before their first class to grab a spot. This, you think, was mentioned during the campus tour…”And then you go on to pitch building a parking garage as a solution.-Body: Ok, now this is where your proposal turns into an evidence-backed argument. You’re presenting facts, supporting evidence that proves there is a problem/demand, outline your proposed project, and supply more support to show why it’ll work.You’re also detailing how the project will play out: construction (if any), any required licenses or permits, etc. — everything someone would need to know to know how this would work. And of course, most vital, costs.You also anticipate objections and pre-empty them by addressing them. The two most typical objections are that the risk seems unreasonable, and cost. You have to justify both. If you can find, besides statistical evidence and authoritative opinion, examples of similar projects that worked, that’s the best sort of evidence: “It worked there, it should work here!”-Conclusion: Is actually more of a summation: “So, when you measure the cost against the projected benefit and see how such a project worked elsewhere, it’s hard to say no.”And that, in the end, is what you’re attempting to do: take away their reasons for saying no. You want to make it difficult for them to say no, to make them feel that if they walk away from this, they’re missing out on a plus.-Appendix: Again, as in the group report, you might not have this, but if there are articles that support your case, or that tell a similar story, or anything particularly relevant that would be of interest to someone considering your proposal, it goes here.-Bibliography: For some of you, these may not be published sources. If, for example, you work for an organization and are using first-hand knowledge, obviously that’s something that wouldn’t be listed (but will be accounted for in another element; we’ll get to that). If you gan information from talking to someone, there is an MLA format for interviews. If you need it, let me know at the time and I’ll lay it out for you.17/05/202040businessfinance