University of Phoenix MaterialRhetorical Strategies and Fallacies WorksheetThe following are some common rhetorical strategies: Innuendo: a leading suggestion Stereotype: generalized statements relating to a group of people Loaded questions: questions based on unjustified assumptions Hyperbole: an extreme exaggerationIdentify the rhetorical strategy in each of the following statements:Bobby may be a good bookkeeper, but you’ll notice he has a ton of bills. ______________If the Superintendent is so committed to increasing the scores in public schools, why are so many students failing and teachers resigning?____________________ All college students will graduate. __________________I simply won’t go into that department store; it’s full of snobbish people who disguise their happiness with designer handbags and shoes. _________________                       The following are some common rhetorical fallacies: Slippery slope: If A happens, then B–Z will follow. Therefore, to prevent B–Z from happening, do not allow A to occur. Hasty generalization: rushing to form a conclusion based on assumptions; not based on clear evidence Post hoc ergo propter hoc: If A occurs after B, then B caused A. Either/or: looking at a situation from only two sides or oversimplifying the situation Ad hominem: attacking the person rather than attacking the argument Red herring or smoke screen: introducing an unrelated topic as a diversionary tacticIdentify the rhetorical fallacy in each of the following statements. Sally had a hamburger for dinner and does not feel well. It was the hamburger that made her not feel well. ___________________ Although she is the top-performing cheerleader and captain of the team, we know she, like all cheerleaders, was selected for the squad because of her good looks. __________________ I received a bonus within my first six weeks on the job, so I know I am going to receive a bonus often. __________________ You can start exercising or die at a young age. _____________________ He knows diamond mining is a dangerous job; however, how else can he earn his paycheck to care for his family? ______________________ If you like to clean every day, it could lead to you becoming OCD, so you probably should not clean every day. ___________________