Post and responses MKT310

Make a post by following the instructions below then the response to students (I will upload later I have to make a post first to see other posts)Please listen to the following NPR How I Built This Podcaston AirBnB. The podcastcan be accessed via any podcastapp like itunes or stitcher. This podcast is 40minutes long but I promise it will beinteresting! And, you can listen to it on your morning commute or while working out! Please answer the following:1. How did Joe Gebbiasegment the market (demonstrate knowledge of the types of market segmentation)2. Identify at least two target markets for AirBnb3. What is your attitude toward Airbnd? How does AirBnbuse persuasion to challenge attitudes about AirBnb?Ideas for a 2nd post include applyingcurrent news or information about Airbndas it relates to attitudes, persuasion, segmentation, target marketing, and/or the influence process.14/05/20207english