Sherah Israel posted May 6, 2020 10:47 PMSubscribe This page automatically marks posts as read as you scroll.Adjust automatic marking as read setting How might the projected changes affect an organization’s vision, mission, and values?Depending on what type of change was projected, it may not affect the organization’s mission, value and vision because the changes may still fit within what is already set. If the projected changes will affect the organizations mission etc., those changes should be reflected in the mission etc. The mission statement is a disclosure instrument so it is important that any change is communicated and also seen within important aspects of the organization (Williams, 2008).I worked for a company that had significant changes with key leadership roles and the direction of the company becoming more corporate than the once family owned business. Even with the changes, the mission etc. did not change. The way in which we achieved the mission may have changed but not necessarily the mission etc.Is it possible for an organization to successfully operate when its vision, mission and values are ever-changing?Yes, I do believe it is possible. I remember when I became entrenched in health and fitness, which became a long lasting passion of mine. I wanted to have my own business related to health, starting with personal training others in fitness. The idea I had for my business has since changed due to life experiences, knowledge, skills etc. so my vision, mission and values would have changed as well. To put it simply, change is the only thing that is truly constant and a company’s mission statement, which tells the consumer why the business was established, what the business expects to achieve (Gusdorf, 2009), is something that may change as well.The world is ever evolving and a good example is the impact that COVID-19 is having on the whole world. So many businesses pre-COVID- 19 had a mission, values and vision but after the pandemic, the world will forever be changed, as well as thel businesses. The mission, vision and values may change due to what was endured by the medical crisis that affected us all. Some of the most successful businesses during this pandemic are the businesses that were able to adjust with the incessant changes in guidance from local, national government and medical entities.Will vision, mission, and values become obsolete and be replaced? If so, by what?No, I think mission, values and vision are imperative for a business because they are objectives that consumers and all stakeholders can hold the business accountable for upholding (Alegre, Guerreo & Mas-Machuca, 2018). Research shows that there is perseverance with mission statements and the need will continue to occur as high performing organizations tend to find success when they meet the standards of their set mission etc. (Williams, 2008) If the business does not have a mission, it ultimately is just a building with people not working toward a goal, as a mission provides a focal point for all involved in the business (Gusdorf, 2009). As an employee, I often look at the mission, values and vision of a company to make sure they align with my personal beliefs. I can say most of my past positions and my current position have been with companies whose mission, values and vision were inline with my personal beliefs.The same motivation that peaked my interest to apply for a position for a company is the same motivation that kept me working for the organization. Employee relations and engagement starts with a company’s mission (Gusdorf, 2009). When I handled employee relations for a property management company that offered services so that all could have affordable housing, the mission was something that kept many of the employees coming to work, even when they did not like some actions management took.ReferencesAlegre, I., Berbegal-Mirabent, J., Guerrero, A., & Mas-Machuca, M. (2018). The real mission of the mission statement: A systematicreview of the literature. Journal of Management and Organization, 24(4), 456-473.doi:, M. (2009). Role of mission and values in strategic human resource management. SHRM PowerPoint presentation.Williams, L. S. (2008). The Mission Statement. Journal of Business Communication, 45(2), 94–119.Reply to Thread