Public Heath Community Needs Assessment

Individually, or in groups of two, students will be responsible for proposing a community needs assessment (CNA) or program evaluation (PE) project. This is a proposal to potentially conduct a needs assessment project or to evaluate a public health-related program of your choice.The purpose of this final project is to get you all thinking as a public health practitioner – a professional that one day will be asked to conduct such projects using an inclusive, equity-minded approach. Be creative, be innovative, be thoughtful, and don’t stress. This assignment does not require any data analysis and nor do you have to create new surveys or guides. You only have to propose and discuss what methods you would like to use and justify why.Instructions:Individually or in groups of two, propose a community needs assessment or program evaluation project. Your proposal must include the respective sections for CNA or PE below. Proposals must be between 4-5 pages, double-spaced, and 12-size font. The page limit does not include images, figures, references. Citations and referencing should follow APA guidelines.APA formatting instructions: Outline For Your Final PapersCommunity Needs Assessment:1. Assessment planning Purpose and objectives Potential stakeholders Identity of community2. Plans for Data Collection Potential key informants Possible indicators for assessment Possible data sources3. Plans to assess community profile Plans to gather data Primary Secondary4. Program Action Planning Plans to share assessment resultsReferencesHelpful resource: see Conducting Small-Scale Community Assessments by Escoffery et al. (2004)10/05/202020appliedsciences