Read some articles to answer some questions

1. King’s “Letter” is considered to be an excellent example of a Rogerian argument. Where does King find “common ground” with his audience? What effect does the common ground have on his argument? The Rogerian model has been called “wishy-washy.” Is King’s letter wishy-washy? Why or why not? Use the text to support your position.2.What is the argument culture according to Tannen? And why is she worried about it?3. What is Tannen’s exigency? What is motivating her to write this piece? How has the argument culture evolved since Tannen wrote this piece?4.Go online to social media (Facebook “discussion”, a news site with a comments function, etc.) Identify an example of the argument culture.What is being argued? How are differences discussed? Do the sides attempt to find common ground? What resulted from the argument? Use examples from social media to support your case.Martin Luther King, Jr’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”