Red Riding Hood To Be Chaste or Chased

While the girl takes the longer route, the wolf quickly takes the shorter one and reaches the grandmother’s house first. On arrival, he disguises his voice as little red riding hoods and makes his way into the grandmother’s room where he devours her immediately. Next, the wolf takes the grandmother’s clothes and dresses himself up and slips into her bed. When little red riding hood finally arrives she senses a change in the tone of her grandmother’s voice but regardless continues into the room, there awaits the wolf who gets her into bed with him. Not after long, red riding hood realizes she is in danger but it is too late as the big bad wolf munches on every little piece of her.In this story, we see that the wolf symbolizes danger evil, which can come wearing many disguises. Little red riding hood depicts a young vulnerable girl you without any second thought trusts a stranger. The story indicates that we should not trust strangers because we never know what the outcome may be, good or bad. in this case, it resulted in the stranger killing both the grandmother and little red riding hood.The second story begins like the first one we read above, with a girl who is loved by her mother and grandmother. However this version changes when the girl is given a cap instead of a red hood, therefore she becomes known as’ Little Red Riding Cap’. The story follows like the previous one where the grandmother falls ill and the little girl’s mother requests her to bring a cake and some wine to her sick grandmother. Along the way, a wolf approaches her and distracts her by showing her the lovely blossomed flowers, which red riding cap decides would be great as a bouquet to give to her grandmother. As a result, red riding cap begins picking flowers while the wolf quickly runs to the grandmother’s house. There like the wolf in the previous story disguises his voice as little red riding cap and fools the grandmother into believing it is her granddaughter at the door.