THE RESOURCES HAVE TO BE ACADEMIC OR PEER-REVIEWED JOURNALSA review of literature on the topic you are researching is DUE March 20th!!!Writing the Review of the LiteratureThe Review of the Literature have to be 6 pages, include at least 8 references, and follow APA Guidelines. Research questions introduced (what is it and why is it worth examining) Research questions narrowed to the studies discussed in the literature review. Statement outlining the organization of the paper For example, if there is a major controversy in the literature, you might briefly discuss it and they say you will be supporting both sides of the argument. You might also briefly discuss if three different methodologies have been used in addressing the question and say you will compare the results obtained by the three methods. Studies described in detail Studies compared and evaluated Implications of studies discussed Your judgement of what the studies show and what it suggests for your management problem. Please look at the exemplar ROL before starting your assignment. The example can be found on the Review of Literature page in Module 1.29/03/202048english